Gamification of a mobile application

Games and draws to engage the application’s users

About product

We started our partnership with the retail chain in 2019 and developed a mobile application for their loyalty program. It has become an effective tool for interaction with customers in the digital sphere and one of the most popular apps in the region. Here you can read more about the app development.
Gamification in the app helps to engage and reward customers, encouraging them to buy with a prize system and therefore increasing company’s sales.


16 persons


2,5 years


1,156,194 games


What was the task

Our goal was to attract users, increase their engagement, return rates and the duration of their active stay in the app through gamification tools. We developed user-friendly interfaces for games and drawings. Banners on the main page and other pages lead to them.

The first game launched was Zuuum based on the famous computer game Zuma of the 2000s. The essence of the game is to destroy all the colored balls, moving in chains, before they reach the end of the path. Firing a cannon ball of a certain color, you need to get into a group of three or more balls of the same color. Then they will explode and disappear, and the player earns points. If the “snake” of balls reaches the end of the path, the level is lost.

Earned points can be spent on boosters — to pause or repeat the game, or exchanged for store prize coupons. For example, get a discount or free shipping of an online order. Moreover, the bonuses accumulated in the loyalty system can be also used to buy game boosters.
Starting in 2022, players compete against each other in tournaments and get bonuses on their cards. There is an endless number of levels and leaderboard. For a certain purchase, you can get a free booster — this helps to involve customers in the game.

We first launched Treasure Island drawing (in the app and web version) and later added Christmas Tree, following a redesign. Initially, to participate in the drawing it was necessary to register codes indicated in the store receipts. In 2022, we introduced renewed Treasure Island 2, where coupons are registered automatically. By making purchases at the cash register, the user receives electronic chips that are “glued” into a virtual treasure card. One card holds 12 chips: if you fill it out completely, you get an eight-digit unique code for the final draw. The number of cards and the number of codes for one user is not limited.

The games are integrated: with the points earned in Zuuum you can choose a prize in the form of a code for the draw — then it will instantly appear among your other codes and increase the chances of winning.

Main functionality:
  • Integration with the loyalty program: receiving and using bonuses
  • Buying and winning boosters to simplify gameplay
  • Infinite number of game levels
  • Tournaments between players
  • Viewing game statistics
  • Prizes in the game store
  • Updating the game design every season
  • Integration of the game with draws
  • Weekly drawings with code registration from receipts
  • Automatic code registration
  • Interactive card for electronic chips (codes)

UI Guide

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Headings and text


Other elements




achievement-icon-1 1,156,194 games played
achievement-icon-2 184,736 prize coupons won
achievement-icon-3 1,011,691 bonuses spent
achievement-icon-4 80,913 boosters purchased

Thank you email from client

We offered the first mini-games in the mobile app of the loyalty program back in 2020. But back then they were external services that we integrated with the app and the loyalty processor. The experiment showed great interest among the app’s audience in this kind of activity, so in 2021 we implemented our own game in the Friends Club app together with Sunrise Apps.

The results are impressive: every fourth user of the app played Zuuum. Many of them get involved: they pass levels, earn game points, buy discount coupons and gifts in supermarkets and at the same time spend loyalty program bonuses on boosters within the game, reducing the operating costs of the marketing budget of the company. The user-friendly interface for registering drawing codes — one of the most popular promotions among our customers — is also appreciated by many users: over 60% of draw participants prefer to use it.

Dmitry S., Innovation Director at SPAR

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