Satellite Online – Electronic self-monitoring diary for diabetics

Electronic self-monitoring diary for diabetics

About product

A mobile application and admin panel for a major medical devices manufacturer. This is an electronic, self-monitoring diary that helps diabetics stay healthy and manage their glucometers.


14 persons


04/2022 – now


1,574,095 glucose measurements per year


What was the task

The client’s objective was to penetrate the glucometer market with a new type of device, while effectively distancing themselves from the competitors.

We proposed conducting an audit of the product as well as the market to determine the implicit key advantages the client has. Here’s what we did:

  • A brief analysis of the market and the competitors.
  • CustDev with potential users of the product.
  • We worked out possible product development options in the B2C, B2B, and B2G segments in the LeanCanvas format.
  • We formulated conclusions and hypotheses in the product development area, taking into account the risks associated with the market development vector.

We compiled a detailed product development specification and supported, deployed, and updated the micro service architecture. We restored code that had not been running for several years and updated all the outdated libraries. We implemented the admin panel and ported the server from .Net to Java/Kotlin. The backend reengineering was carried out in our unique ergonomic development approach method, which boosted work efficiency. This solution allowed us to reduce our  average labor costs for implementing the new features and cut the number of bugs in them in half.

In the process of our work, we discovered a glucometer bug. When working with the device, the measurement data graph points were displayed incorrectly. We used a special Bluetooth tool for diagnostics: the team learned how to operate the nRF Toolbox and explained in detail to the client what the problem was.

We still happily continue our strategic partnership with the client and are engaged in developing its products.

Main functionality:
  • Glucose level measurement, tracking, and indicator analysis: graphs, statistics, and related events
  • Bluetooth сommunication: the glucometer is synchronized with a mobile device via Bluetooth and transmits all recorded glucose measurement data
  • Adding activities to the diary along with their duration
  • View the events over a day, month, or other time period
  • Adjusting glucose range norms (before and after meals)
  • Bread Units Calculator: the calculator automatically calculates units to estimate the number of carbohydrates in each added product
  • Observer mode: the selected observer — a doctor — monitors his patient’s condition and indicators in the web version of the app
  • Updating the glucose meter firmware without having to go to the service center
  • Integration with Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Setting reminders: the app will remind you of important moments, for example, when it’s time to take insulin
  • Mapping including stores and service addresses
  • Support and operator contacts

UI Guide

In developing the design, we restored the client’s layouts and drew new ones based on the company’s corporate style.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements




achievement-icon-1 9,553 users in 9 months
achievement-icon-2 428,559 app launches over the year
achievement-icon-3 4,994 synchronized glucometers
achievement-icon-4 1,574,095 glucose measurements per year

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