Digital platform for retail

A digital platform featuring a loyalty program for the biggest retail chain in Central Asia

About product

The client is a leading beverage company in Central Asia as well as an official partner of PepsiCo International and Pepsi Lipton International.

We developed two mobile applications for the client — a B2C app and another one for their B2B/B2CR audiences — with an internal loyalty program and a shared administrative panel. These applications have enabled a comprehensive, automated approach to increase the company’s sales.


17 persons


04/2023 – now


299,762 users in a year


What was the task

The issue was that another developer had tried taking on the project but failed to meet deadlines and delivered a subpar-quality product. The client approached us and stated the following objectives:

  • Creating mobile apps with a loyalty program for its B2B, B2CR, and B2C audiences based on a shared admin panel and improved code quality;
  • Providing the required SLA;
  • Creating a convenient digital product for business development.

Our team stepped in to take on the development of and the technical support for the B2B/B2CR application, aimed at increasing the motivation of partner stores selling the retail chain’s products and boosting their procurements. Store employees using the app can easily place orders for our client’s products, join promotions to earn bonuses, and keep track of their transaction history and waybills.

The retail chain’s sales representatives (B2CR) can access their personal sales plans, KPI metrics, and salary details reflected in promotions all in a single application. Their main goal is to convince stores to buy more products during promotions, which has a direct impact on how much they earn.

On top of that, we developed a B2C app from scratch for regular customers, enabling them to participate in promotions.

The project step by step:

  • We dove into the project right away, got a grasp of the previous code, conducted an audit, and started developing the product, simultaneously improving its internal and external processes. The client enjoyed a number of perks: a trial run after 3 months, a full launch after 4 months, and a cost reduction despite the project size.
  • We provided unconventional technical solutions to address the business challenges, including semi-manual methods (such as urgent promotion/module launching) while developing the main functionality.
  • We made a complete transition to a fail-safe microservice architecture, which allowed us to support major spikes in user activity.
  • We set up an expanded event and error logging system which will restore lost transactions even if software errors occur.
  • We performed complex integrations with analytical systems and other withdrawal systems, as well as reliable integration with a huge database for procurement synchronization.
  • We created a unified admin interface, which helps manage any part of the app as well as track real-time reports and events in the system.

In doing so, we managed to significantly improve code quality by reorganizing the architecture, ensuring consistent code cleanliness, and optimizing functions for efficiency. We restructured our processes and communication so as to stay on the same page with the client with respect to expectations, plans, and deadlines.

Now we continue to develop the company’s digital products and prepare for a new launch.

Main functionality:
  • Authorization, registration, password recovery, and change
  • Profile (system and personal notification settings, sign-in and security, profile editing)
  • Wallet with the option to withdraw points to user’s Visa or Mastercard payment cards or to top up their phone balance
  • Transaction history for a selected range of dates
  • Active and completed promotions
  • Promotion participants leaderboard
  • Stories with news
  • Company guide
  • Activity history and awards in the B2C app
  • Sales data, KPI metrics, plan and fact, remunerations, and employee salaries in the B2CR part
  • Multilingualism – applications are available in 4 different languages
  • Admin panel: managing retail stores, users, promotions and competitions
  • Creating banners, Stories, news and notifications
  • Setting up bonus withdrawal methods in specific cities/countries
  • Configuring sending priority and the number of available SMS messages




achievement-icon-1 494 803 orders worth $31 million were placed by B2B clients during the promotion
achievement-icon-2 Launch within 4 months
achievement-icon-3 299,762 users of the B2C application in a year
achievement-icon-4 88.9% of users are satisfied with the application’s operation

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