Mobile application of the online store

Mobile app that improves quality and speed of order picking in retail stores

About product

In 2020, our client launched an online store so that customers could order products from the retail chain and its partners remotely. Initially, the project existed in the format of a website and its mobile version – a frame within the loyalty program app. Now it is being developed on the basis of the mobile application, has become fully native and integrated useful services.

As the number of orders in the online store began to grow, the importance of the quality of the order pickers’ work grew along with it. Initially, customers’ orders were sent to the inventory system, printed in stores, and order pickers picked products from those paper lists. A lot of time was spent printing forms, assembling items, checking and running orders through the system. We developed an application that made the assembly speed tangibly faster, and its accuracy improved by 40%.


4 persons


4 years


Assembly accuracy increased


What was the task

The store chain’s customers were complaining about the delivery service. The average order-assembly duration at the store was about 1-1.5 hours. And nearly 35% of delivery orders were assembled with errors. The goal was to improve order assembly accuracy and reduce time it took to put the order together.

Our team examined the work of order pickers in the field and described the picking business process as a whole. We identified the reasons for lost time and errors in order picking. Then suggested several hypotheses to improve the process. As a result, together with the client we decided to develop an application to automate the assembly of goods.

We had to create a solution that would load order data from the backend of an online store and help employees at all stages of assembly, like a checklist. We created a cross-platform application based on Flutter framework with user-friendly tools and a simple UI. This solution can be used by owners of any iOS and Android smartphones.

We chose Dart as the programming language. The new application did not require any special infrastructure. It was integrated with the company’s CMS. When an employee is hired, he is added to the white list of users. To log in, he is authorized using his phone number and a code from a text message. The entire assembly process now takes about 30 minutes instead of 1.5 hours.

Main functionality:
  • Integration of the app with the online store and CMS
  • Display information about products and the list of purchases with customer comments
  • Picking all the products added to the cart (allows you to control the assembly accuracy)
  • Checking the number of products in the basket and the assembly accuracy
  • Comparison of the initial and final list of goods (by their availability)
  • Scanning barcodes of goods, including labeled ones
  • Coordination and replacement of goods, if necessary
  • Control of order packaging and order payment
  • Sending data to the backend and fixing the sending of goods
  • Sending a check from the virtual cash register to the buyer

UI Guide

The design of the application reflects the stylistics of the online store’s mobile version. When developing the interface elements, we used native elements of the Flutter framework.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


The simplicity of the app’s interface makes it easy for employees to get immersed in their work. An account with phone number authentication is enough to start performing tasks.



achievement-icon-1 67% less assembly errors
achievement-icon-2 The app replaces the cash register
achievement-icon-3 40% higher assembly accuracy
achievement-icon-4 Simplified staff control

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