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About product

The Health and Insurance mobile app helps the company’s clients store all medical data in their digital medical records and receive online consultations from doctors. Now any questions related to insurance policies are solved in one place: from making a clinic appointment to issuing a new policy.


6 persons


11/2019 – now


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What was the task

In 2021, our team began merging the functionality of company’s two mobile applications and developing a single service for iOS and Android platforms. Our task was to reconsider and create a high-quality UX/UI design for the new app. We were also responsible for the analytical part and the preparation of the terms of reference.

We developed the CJM for the main sections: “Authorization and registration in the user’s personal account”, “My Health”, “My Data”, “Buy”, “Service Appeals”, “More”. We created the UI-kit and the design of the application screens. Then prepared detailed technical requirements for the implementation of the declared functionality, as well as its integration with the backend. Deadlines for project launch were tight, during the work there was close communication with the related development teams and company’s experts.

In 2022, we made full-fledged user-friendly flow: now all user data is integrated, and tests are linked to consultations in medical records. The flow of doctor’s appointments has evolved greatly, as well as the feed of events related to the policy. We implemented geolocation on maps, added addresses and contacts of numerous clinics with icons for paid services.

Now the product development continues. Our designers and analysts are working on improving the design and service in the app for the convenience of company’s clients.

Main functionality:
  • Authorization and registration in the personal account
  • Keeping data in a single medical record: doctors' conclusions, test results, vaccinations
  • Separate medical card for a child
  • Doctor consultations via telemedicine service: calls, messages and file exchange
  • Choosing the suitable clinic within the VHI policy
  • Making a doctor's appointment
  • Insurance policy renewal or applying for a new one
  • Timeline — live feed of events related to the policy
  • Geolocation throughout the application, addresses and contacts of clinics on the map
  • Appeals on issues of concern
  • Information about company's services and products
  • Notifications and reminders: to extend the policy, etc.

UI Guide

The design of the application was developed in the insurance company’s corporate style, based on their materials and requirements.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


We designed the application interface with comfortable navigation so that users can easily address any questions concerning insurance policies.


Thank you email from client

On behalf of the Insurance Company project team, I would like to thank Sunrise Apps team for their productive cooperation on the joint project of technical support and improvement of our mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms. Also, thank you for the high quality of analytics and design services provided as a part of the development of a unified mobile application.

We appreciate your active participation in the organization of project management processes and timely provision of professional human resources – system and business analysts, UI/UX designers, developers and QA engineers. We also thank you for your high efficiency in solving arising issues and flexible approach in making changes to the work.

We wish your whole team prosperity, new promising projects and professional victories!

Project Director of the Insurance Company

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