SPAR Friends Club

Mobile application for the customers of SPAR store chain

About product

Mobile app for the operator of the loyalty program, used by SPAR supermarket chain.

The client decided to create a digital platform for retail, which would surpass the usual loyalty program in terms of functionality. The ultimate goal of product development was to provide customers with convenient services for shopping both offline and online. The company offers discounts and bonuses, thereby simplifying interaction with the brand and gaining customer loyalty: the frequency of purchases, the average receipt and the amount of time spent in the app increase.

Friends Club integrates the marketing activities of the retail chain. The app optimizes the marketing costs of SPAR and other partners: it’s easier to track users’ target activities and advertising campaign costs. Successful user engagement at the initial stage has led to the development of an ecom component based on the app. As a result, Friends Club has become an effective tool for digital communications with customers and online sales.


18 persons


11/2019 - now


10x sales growth

App main screen

What was the task

Our team was tasked to quickly develop a Friends Club mobile application with a simple interface and intuitive navigation. During the first wave of the pandemic the client quickly launched an online store. In the MVP-version of the app it was a frame from the mobile version of the site. We transferred site functionality to a mobile application, created a fully native online store with a convenient catalog, “smart” barcode search for products, a complete process of ordering, payment and delivery of goods.

An important feature is the elimination of printed receipts and caring for nature with SPAR. You only need to set up this option once to always receive electronic receipts. Over the year, SPAR has sent 1,881,253 e-checks. This has saved 379,6 miles of check tape, which amounts to about $7,000.

In 2022 we made a long-awaited release — we added a Wallet, SPAR’s own payment system, to the app for convenient and secure order payment. You can link multiple bank accounts to it and switch between them. When placing an order, you need to select Wallet as your payment method. The Wallet can also be used to pay for purchases at the checkout: just show a QR code to have the amount of your order deducted.

Casual games and draws help to attract and reward customers, stimulate them to buy with the prize system and, consequently, increase SPAR sales. You can read more about how we implemented gamification in the app in our case study.

We’ve been working on the project for 4+ years, developing new features and improving the functionality. Friends Club has already got useful services and integrated offers from other local businesses. It is one of the most popular apps in the region and a full-fledged sales channel.

Main functionality:
  • Virtual card, bonus balance, the amount of discounts and customer status
  • A system of personalized promotions and adaptive banners customized for each client
  • Purchase history, receipts, and progress on achievements
  • Information about special offers for customers, promotions and novelties of a retail chain
  • Catalog with a wide range, categories and detailed product cards, where you can see the composition and recommendations of products
  • Ordering, choice of payment, delivery methods and time intervals
  • Wallet: fast payment for orders
  • Product search via barcode scanning
  • Personal and family accounts, joint shopping cart
  • Age verification (18+) for access to certain product categories
  • Promotional games, where you can win coupons
  • Сontacting Customer Care Service
  • Automatic electronic receipts

UI Guide

The design of the app is based on the corporate identity standards of SPAR International. At the same time, the “Friends Club” also has its own distinctive and recognizable style.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


In order to attract a wide audience, we made a simplified flow. If you want to register in the Friends Club, you should take minimal targeted actions (for example, there are no long profiles). Log in the online-store does not require additional authorization.

The concept of the product implies a friendly attitude towards the user: not only on the level of flow, but also in the style of addressing the user. For example, through the statuses in the app: Buddy, Friend, Best Friend. This emphasis can be seen in everything, including gamification.


Thank you email from client

We would like to thank Sunrise Apps team for their productive joint work on the development of the Friends Club loyalty program mobile app.

In 2020, on the wave of changing retail conditions, we were first able to integrate the online store into the Friends Club app in a short time, and then created a full-fledged ecom section in it. In cooperation with Sunrise Apps team we managed to quickly respond to the market demand and launch the product in demand.

Thank you for your active and competent work, attentiveness, product approach and commitment to excellent results.

The application has already become a full-fledged sales channel. We intend to actively develop it and continue our cooperation.

Dmitry S., Innovation Director at SPAR

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