ExoAtlet Bambini – Exorehabilitation Mobile App for children

A mobile app for managing exoskeleton training for children

About product

The ExoAtlet Bambini project helps accelerate rehabilitation of children and adolescents with impaired or absent locomotor functioning. Walking in an exoskeleton along with other rehabilitation techniques improves the patients’ well-being. They partially or completely regain the ability to walk as a result. This is an opportunity to change the lives of children with spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy.

More than 6,000 people have already been exorehabilitated with ExoAtlet. In 2021, the company launched pediatric rehabilitation and home rehabilitation. About 100 medical centers in Europe, Asia and CIS have been equipped with exoskeletons. ExoAtlet Bambini is the world’s first mass-produced exoskeleton for children and adolescents.

Our cooperation with the ExoAtlet startup had been going on for three years. Over that time, we have developed the ExoAtlet web service, the ExoAtlet Bambini Android mobile app, as well as the ExoAtlet Rehabilitation system and ExoProm projects. We are pleased to have created such a warm, trustful relationship with the client and to take part in developing projects for such a socially relevant, innovative industry.


11 persons


10 months




What was the task

Our initial task was to write an exoskeleton control program for Android tablet, so that you can use the app to control the device and all of its functions: turn it on and off, configure it, select the parameters and walking modes, and configure the built-in phase electrostimulation module.

The exoskeleton is controlled using a tablet or via the web version of the app. We developed the app, tested it, and implemented its integration. ExoAtlet Bambini allows data to be downloaded from the ExoAtlet server and patient information to be added to a tablet. Using this data, the doctor creates an exercise program for a particular patient based on his or her health condition and diagnosis.


Rehabilitation training is challenging, especially for children. To increase training efficiency, you need to involve the patient in the process. We suggested gamifying the training process so that when children received their awards, they could clearly see the intermediate results and be encouraged by it.

  1. We analyzed the children’s interests and selected the most relevant award images as well as drafting several variations of the awards to test the approach.
  2. We worked out the gamification mechanics so as to render it organically integrated into the training process: on the one hand, it would not interfere with the doctor’s ability to adjust the training to the child’s specifics, while on the other hand, it would reflect the child’s actual achievements in the process.
  3. Implemented the feature of informing the child during the training (with sound and pictures), as well as the possibility to display their achievements to their parents after the training via a web interface.

As a result, the doctors observed an increase in the children’s attention level and engagement while exercising. Patients have found it easier to concentrate and achieve the program’s intended outcomes.


Main functionality:
  • Setting and monitoring training exercises (conducted by the doctor)
  • Storing training information and synchronizing it with the ExoCloud server
  • Viewing and receiving e-mail reports on the patient's training and progress
  • Exoskeleton adjustment and calibration in service mode (adapting the exoskeleton to the patient takes no more than 10 minutes)
  • Working with the exoskeleton via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Connecting medical devices using special extensions

UI Guide

When developing the design, we considered how convenient the solution would be for the doctors who operate the exoskeletons and for service engineers. The design was created by the Bureau Gorbunov team.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


Our team worked out different ways of communication between the exoskeleton and the application on the tablet, considering that smooth device operation may be needed where there is no Internet, or poor connection. As a result, we chose several protocols for communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.



achievement-icon-1 6,000+ patients exorehabilitated
achievement-icon-2 80+ medical centers equipped
achievement-icon-3 200+ exoskeletons created
achievement-icon-4 70,000+ exotrainings held

Thank you email from client

We would like to thank Sunrise Apps team for their active cooperation in the development of the ExoAtlet web service, ExoAtlet Bambini Android application, ExoAtlet Rehabilitation and ExoProm projects.

Thank you for your thoughtful work, responsibility, exploratory approach to the tasks and readiness to create innovative products. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

We wish your team further development and professional success!

ExoAtlet Company

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