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We believe that you have come to this world in order to change something in it. And we already know that this is real. Because in Sunrise Apps everything is completely different than in most companies


Most important and valuable what you get
working in Sunrise Apps:

your freedom
from which your strength grows
the opportunity to dowhat you want, for your pleasure
as a way to find yourself, your destiny and follow it
conditions created so that you can reveal and realize your abilities andtalents.
Reveal so that people who implement the results of your work become stronger and happier. And you too.
The only question is what do you really want to do
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We have a goal that we strive for

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We believe that each person is talented in his own way. Each person has his own path and purpose.

We seek to make sure that each employee who works in our team will find his mission, will take his place like a suitable puzzle and will open his potential.

We believe that a person who took his place (doing his own thing) opens up and erupts with energy. Achieving this state gives him joy, happiness and love, makes him get up in the morning and move towards his goals. Thus, a person reaches his ikigai.

Our goal is to create a space for the self-development and the achievement of the ikigai, the achievement of the goals.

Vlad, CEO
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For reference: who are your partners?

The age of Sunrise Apps is 90+ mobile and web applications since 2015. Mostly for medium and large businesses. The team develops IT solutions that change the lives of people.

Most of all we like to work in the areas of:
education and
business digitalization
IoT (Internet of Things)

Ways of communication

Among other things an important experience that you get in Sunrise Apps is the skill of competent communication. We make sure that you use full-fledged working tools and their capabilities to the maximum.
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What's inside the organization?

  • Remote full-fledged work without losing office advantages, flexible schedule.
  • Horizontal control system (we are all on the same level of interaction, no one above and below).
  • Communication - respectful, informal, on the first-name basis.
  • Self-organization, responsibility, openness.
  • Support, mutual assistance.
  • Professional Development Opportunities.
  • Well-established processes, no mess, we resolve issues quickly.
  • Ability to speak openly and influence processes in the company.
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If you want find out details

Interaction with Sunrise Apps as a game for the brave and proactive

Have you ever played computer games where there is a map of the area, specific goals and rules, the ability to pump characters? Working in Sunrise Apps is like such a game.

As a result “playing” according to the rules and overcoming level after level you can:
become a true professional
possible to achieve the level of co-owner Sunrise Apps
already see and feel business process control mechanisms in the company of the future
implement your own business projects within the company, relying on our resources and customer methodologies as your own
get valuable experience that you can hardly get anywhere else. Especially if you want your future own business to be breakthrough and sustainable
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Roles instead of positions

Just as in the game you select / model a character, in Sunrise Apps you try on the role that you like most.

There are no positions, there are roles.

There may be several of them, because in the process of work more often you realize that an additional implementation is needed.

Example:   The employee acts like a programmer and a internal project manager at the same time.

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«Location map»
and your territory

«Location map» is the space of Sunrise Apps with its internal processes.

There are circles of responsibility inside this space.

These are documents where your territory is clearly indicated - the zone of your responsibility, self-realization, self-expression and freedom of creativity.

  • There are fully presented:
  • your role and all its functionality
  • products you make
  • indicators of the quality and usefulness of your work, etc.
  • When your responsibilities are clearly indicated
  • You don’t have to take the responsibilities from the other circles
  • You do everything by yourself
  • You have the freedom to choose, initiate, try something else

«Clearly defined processes, a clearly defined circle of responsibilities and a mechanism to change this circle of responsibilities. I like that it is possible to influence on the processes in the company».

Alex, PM

Any employee of Sunrise Apps can say:
«I want to take responsibility and to implement this and that at the company».

Real case. “For the first time I worked in Sunrise Apps as a Unity developer and at the same time trained at the university. Then I decided to try myself in the role of a tester. And then I thought that it was still more interesting for me to teach, and suggested opening an internship at the company. My initiative was supported, and I created my own project inside Sunrise Apps

Leonid, head of the Internship project

Result. Eventually, there is an internship project in the company, where Leonid manages and develops (expanded his territory with a new circle of responsibilities). The project is beneficial to him and the company because Sunrise Apps receives well-trained interns, and Leonid is fully implemented where he wants.

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Clear rules which you follow

Only if the game has clear rules, it is possible:

  • to improve yourself
  • to reach results
  • to take it to the next level

It is in Sunrise Apps because we care about the processes.

We make sure that your work does not have a mess and chaos, errors and problems.

you understand what they want from you, what to do and and who to turn for help
you clearly understand
how to evaluate the budget of projects and what methodology to manage it, how to work with a team, etc.
you drive fast
into our inner processes and get all the resources to work for the result, and not to experiment with the same "rake."

When all internal processes are set up, you put effort into work / training. We are trying to create all the conditions for it.


PRO openness and trust

Any information on internal processes in the company is available to each employee in real time. Board (online board) is a digital copy of the entire business where you see the company through.

You can find:

  • company structure - which teams work on which project
  • members of the teams, who is responsible for what, who manages the projects
  • information about the software used
  • information who is responsible for this software (you can contact them with a question)
  • description of the general arrangements
  • where and from whom to get training materials
  • who to contact for help, etc.

All processes are presented in the form of pictures, so you are guided to the areas you are not related. Everything is clear and obvious. Comfortable like home.

As long as someone promises, we embody Based on true story

«I have one story. I worked at the *** Bank company. The bank is young, it was opened by ex workers from the famous green bank. They began to build a corporate culture where everything is positive and each employee should not "keep silence." (talk about the problems existed). It means that if an employee sees problems, he must say about them. And there they all help each other.

And I thought then: "Oh, cool! So, even I have the opportunity to influence on the processes in companies, because they will listen to me, they will help me and I will help them too - I will report on the problems that I’ll notice!”

A year later I was fired because I "didn’t keep silence" about the problems and tried to help the project where I worked to become better.

Next I got a job in Sunrise Apps. Then I saw how it really works, when everyone is positive and everyone helps each other. You guys are the coolest team I’ve ever have to collaborate with!

Alex, Android-dev