Where The Wild Love Is – Meditation Mobile App

The only meditation app that uses wildlife art, biodiverse soundscapes, and science

About product

Where The Wild Love Is (WTWLI) is a meditation app that originated in the Netherlands and is actively developing in the European market. It comes with more than 100 real animal sounds dispersed over more than 9 hours of unique meditative music experiences.

The scientific basis of the WTWLI app is the proven benefits of art and music therapy, meditation, neuroaesthetic research, integrative psychotherapy, as well as animal and nature therapy.

The app’s mission is to restore humanity’s connection to nature through better mental health. The project is bringing together its own community of different types of creators. Artists who code, graphic designers, musicians, visual-sound designers, as well as biosphere lovers and supporters are able to take part in the creative process.


2 persons


7 months


12.37% conversion rate


What was the task

We were asked to design and build an Android App. The client didn’t have any technical tasks and specific requirements for Android, he just had an iOS app and a design for it.

  • We studied the iOS app and created the MVP for Android based on it.
  • We outlined the main stages of the project. We stayed in touch with the client all the time, fulfilling his wishes as they came.
  • We planned and executed the development in sprints.
  • Existing design was adopted for the Android system, as it has its own native elements that differed from iOS.
  • We helped the client prepare and upload the app to the Google Play Market.
  • An animation was created by a New York artist while a sound production studio created the music.

The main requirement, which made for an interesting challenge, was to cache the audio and video on a smartphone to save on user traffic. If a person lost access to the Internet, they wouldn’t even notice it and would continue to listen to the content.

We created a streaming analog:

  • Playable content (audio and video) is located on the backend and is token protected.
  • An internet connection is required to launch the app, as we check the subscription status each time the user logs in.
  • All content played on a mobile device is cached as it is played. When the cache runs out, the old content is removed and the process starts over.

The client was pleased with the release, and we continue to provide support and development for the application.

Main functionality:
  • Tracking playing: 20 minutes of audio accompanied by video, which you can turn off if you wish.
  • Content caching so that the user can continue to use the app in the event of poor connectivity or there is no internet.
  • Ability to subscribe to premium content for a month or a year via Google pay. Trial period is 7 days for new users. Promo code generation for advertising.
  • Paywall for content that is not yet paid for. It only shows a preview of the video and a description.
  • Ability to stream audio to Chromecast devices on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The audio and video player is based on ExoPlayer. We adapted it for operation in Compose (there was no ready-made solution for it) and implemented it in the application.

UI Guide

Color schedule:

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achievement-icon-1 12.37% listing conversion rate
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