Tales – E-book for reading fairy tales

Interactive eBook for reading children’s stories

About product

Interactive eBook with fairy tales of the world. The app features animated illustrations, game elements and melodies that immerse you in the atmosphere of the tale. You can create your own voiceover, listen to the book in your mom’s or dad’s voice.


4 persons


05/2016 - 10/2016


Award-winning app


What was the task

To develop a solution that is as close to a printed book as possible.

We used Unity technologies, which allowed us to develop an app for two platforms (iOS and Android) at once.

Main functionality:
  • EBook
  • Recording multiple voice overs
  • Interaction with animation and ability to play quests

UI Guide

The application contains author’s illustrations, drawn entirely from scratch.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


achievement-icon-1 Participation in exhibitions and competitions, prizes

Thank you email from client

We would like to thank the wonderful Sunrise Apps team for their help in creating a mobile app for family reading, as well as the first interactive book. Our cooperation was very bright, creative and productive! The successful implementation of this socially significant project would not have been possible without your professional support.
Please accept our gratitude for your dedicated attitude to the project and your invaluable contribution to the creation of a new generation interactive book! We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

CEO of Good Story LLC

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