Mobile application for the Ski Festival

Mobile app for a high-mountain carnival

About product

BW is an annual high-mountain festival held at a ski resort. We developed an app to keep participants up-to-date on the latest news and upcoming events in the festival, help them navigate the area, and offer them some pleasant bonuses.


17 persons


02/2017 - now


4.4 rating in Google Play


What was the task

We developed a mobile app for Android and iOS in short order.

A major feature was the integration of iBeacon, a leading technology by Apple that allowed for the transfer of data between wireless beacons and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled devices. You can program different actions, which the device will perform upon  recognizing a particular signal. The action depends on the obtained ID and the distance from the smartphone to the tag.

Festival partners installed such beacons based on a festival map. When participants walked around the area, the app would pick up the tag and activate the specified mechanics — the user would receive push notifications with custom offers from partners, open up games, and much more. Consequently, we helped to engage the festival audience and ensure full-scale interaction with them.

Then we have been maintaining and updating its functionality for 6+ years now to help provide users up-to-date information on the event and participate in the festival’s activities every Spring.

Main functionality:
  • Information on downhill runs, concerts, games, and competition results
  • Promo codes for partner discounts
  • Registration bonuses if the participant shows that they have the app installed at the BoogelWoogel info center
  • Ski trail news: nighttime, weddings, swimsuits, carnival costumes, and other trails
  • GPS neighborhood map
  • Сhance to follow an epic battle: Skiers vs Snowboarders
  • Fun interactive games with gifts

UI Guide

The design was developed to match the brand colors of the festival.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text



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