Service for Drivers – Mobile App for Truck Drivers

A mobile service for truck drivers. The app assists with route planning by showing you suitable locations while on the move, even when you are offline.

About product

The mobile app helps truck drivers find the services they need on the road — tire shops, car washes, gas stations, parking lots, cafes and other roadside locations — even while they are offline.

The app is similar to traditional mapping services, but offers more comprehensive functionality. The route is based on the user’s vehicle type and tire size. For example, a 40-ton tractor will only be shown locations suitable for that type of vehicle. Drivers can view and book services from organizations in advance as well.

Monetization is achieved by publishing businesses on the map — owners create their own locations and interact with drivers.


10 persons


1 year


App contest win


What was the task

The client started building the product. He created a hypothesis, researched user needs, and created a customer journey map. But product development is expensive if you don’t know how to do it. This called for professional help.

We had them clarify the CJM and user needs, created the MVP, and cut the planned budget in half. Then we helped formulate monetization hypotheses in a niche market where the client already had a business and resources to scale.

We combined high-level business requirements with a user flow (map of mobile application screens) and created user scenarios – paths, forks, checks, and system actions. Each card (screen) has a technical task. Typically, user flow and technical tasks are various artifacts. We also used a WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, for synchronization, managing the overall scope of the work and decomposition.

Our team used Kotlin Mobile Multiplatform that allows you to adapt an app to any available platform. The SQL Delight library is responsible for operation offline. For the web part, we created an admin panel to manage the app and user interaction: location card creation, moderation, notifications, location contacts, and user list.

We helped the client to prepare and publish the app in Google Play Market. We also set up cases for metric collection in Google Analytics.

Main functionality:
  • Everything you need for a comfortable trip. Maps of useful locations along with their open hours, cost of services, and contacts.
  • Autonomous operation: You can search and view services without having an Internet connection. The map always shows the nearest points on the selected route.
  • Personalization: The driver sees the maps of only locations that match the type of vehicle specified upon registration of their profile.
  • Services booking: Ability to connect service providers and schedule a time.
  • Driver profile and authorization by phone number. The driver can offer a new point or join the fleet.
  • Convenient search: Services are filtered by category (tire service, car wash, etc.) as well as by comfort and safety. For example, you can check the availability of an ATM or Wi-Fi. The driver saves time by narrowing the search down using parameters of interest.
  • Business owners can add their locations to the map to offer services and interact with drivers.
  • Automatic notifications: News, congratulations, and new locations appearing on the map.
  • An admin panel to manage the app and user interaction.

UI Guide

A thoughtful design with a color combination that’s helpful and familiar to the audience: contrasting road signs for instance, but not aggressive.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


The graphical interface on Jetpack Compose adapts to the size and resolution of the device without any unnecessary “intervention” from the developer.



achievement-icon-1 Winner of the Golden App Award in the Travel & Transport category

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