Oboz Driver – Mobile trucking app

The Uber of freight transport

About product

Oboz Driver brings together truck drivers and users who want to deliver goods to particular locations on time. It is convenient for everyone involved: companies and private drivers get easy clients and customers find service providers to carry out for their assignments.


10 persons


7 months


Launch in 3 months


What was the task

Our task was to design and develop a service from scratch in a short period of time that would bring truck drivers and their clients together. In order to launch such a large project on a tight deadline (three months), we put together a large team consisting of a product manager, analysts, developers, and QA engineers.

We thoroughly analyzed the business model, the target audience, and assembled and described all the user scenarios. We also developed a minimalistic interface tailored to the audience, designed an API for the client team, and developed and launched the mobile app. We interacted with the client-side backend stage by stage. Our experience in the project shows how quickly and relatively inexpensively you can have a large application produced.

Main functionality:
  • Registration of companies and vehicles
  • Order searching under filters and specified parameters
  • Receiving orders in real-time
  • Order history
  • Subscription to searches under filters/certain directions

UI Guide

Oboz’s brand book was used during the design development. All elements were created according to the brand’s specific style.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


The interface was created in dark colors to avoid blinding truck drivers.



achievement-icon-1 Quick launch in a mere 3 months
achievement-icon-2 11,000 partners united on one platform
achievement-icon-3 Award for the best mobile service

Thank you email from client

On behalf of Oboz LLC, we would like to express special thanks to the head of Sunrise Apps for his individual approach to clients in providing digital product development services.

During the time of our cooperation, the Sunrise Apps team showed high professional and personal qualities in working on the joint project. The ability to solve non-standard tasks, to work together, to complete the project with high results and to meet deadlines — all this is embodied by the Sunrise Apps team.

Oboz LLC

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