My Mentor

Mobile service for finding mentors and learning from them

About product

The mobile application allows you to find a mentor in any field, get selected and learn from them.


27 persons


09/2017 - 04/2020


5.0 rating in App Store


What was the task

To develop an MVP version of the platform for iOS and Android where any user can find a mentor from professional or social sphere to enhance their skills and experience.

We reviewed the process of matching students with a mentor and divided it into several steps. We designed a system that allows you to set flexible participation criteria and criteria for selecting students for a mentor. We also designed main user scenarios and developed an interface and design. Next, our team developed the mobile app, the backend, and calculated the game balance to make the logic of point accrual as objective as possible.

The functionality of the app allows the user to present his portfolio, tell about himself, and provide links to social networks. You can also view the profiles of other participants and find them in social networks for further acquaintance. We indicated different education levels of and regions of residence of the participants as well.

Main functionality:
  • Registration and authorization
  • Finding mentor
  • Participation in selection to a mentor team
  • Participation in activities and earning points
  • Confirmation of participation with QR code/test code
  • History of all selections and activities

UI Guide

The design was made in a soft coral color with white and grey elements.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


The application is available in 3 languages. Easy navigation and easy-to-use controls.


Thank you email from client

Mentoring is one of the most promising and underestimated ways to develop personal and professional skills. With the help of Sunrise Apps, we have developed the first MVP product that makes it possible to connect mentors and mentees flexibly. We plan to develop the product and go international.

MyMentor team

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