DKC Mobile – Mobile application of electrical equipment

Mobile Assistant provides online access to the DKC catalog and helps reduce the amount of time required to solve professional tasks

About product

DKC is one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers operating on the market since 1998.

We kicked off our partnership in 2017 and developed a mobile assistant for all the company’s customers. Through using it, they get all the information they need to do their work: hardware compatibility, technical characteristics, certificates, instructions, blueprints, and technical support from DKC professional installers.


19 persons


09/2017 - now


4.7 rating in App Store


What was the task

Develop a convenient mobile tool to meet the needs of DKC customers: installers, dealers, and designers; create a mobile workplace.

We identified the primary target audience groups, generated user scenarios for each group, and designed the interface based on these scenarios. The resulting application was integrated with DKC’s SAP-based internal systems.

In 2022, we revived the DKC Catalog, the artery of the entire application. To make it more ergonomic, increase the number of users, and boost retention, we redesigned it completely. We added filters as well as the ability to sort products by category, images, video reviews, and detailed characteristics in the product cards.

Marketing push- and pop-up notifications inform and engage users in a timely manner. Now you can evaluate the app, and ask urgent professional questions in the online chat: write messages and attach photos, videos or files. Company partners can fill out a project inquiry, a multi-step form, to apply for cooperation.

Our team continues to work on developing the app to help users accomplish their work objectives as productively as possible.

Main functionality:
  • Product Catalog with a detailed description of each item: drawings, certificates, photos and videos
  • Product filtering and sorting in the Catalog, by category, user, and technical specifications
  • Barcode product scanner and search
  • Authorization using biometric parameters: fingerprint (Touch ID) and face recognition (Face ID)
  • Online chat with technical support
  • Project Inquiry cooperation request form
  • Points of sale map
  • News on the latest DKC products
  • Push- and pop-up notifications
  • Ability to rate the application
  • Integration with internal DKC systems based on SAP

UI Guide

The DKC brand book was used in the design’s development. All elements are made in accordance with the brand’s style.

Color schedule:

Primary colors

Complementary colors

Headings and text


Other elements


The interface contains all the necessary functionality for easy, prompt operation of the application.



achievement-icon-1 4.4 rating on Google Play
achievement-icon-2 4.7 rating in App Store

Thank you email from client

We would like to say a sincere thank you to the entire Sunrise Apps project team for the excellent collaboration on mobile app development: for understanding our complex needs and tasks, sensitivity and attention to product quality, and commitment to the best result. Due to the dedication and professionalism of the whole team we accomplished a lot of tasks and successfully develop the project. We are glad to see you as reliable partners, with whom it is easy and pleasant to cooperate. We wish you success in your work and further prosperity!

Commercial Director of DKC Company

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