100LOTTO Fun and Play — Web-widget featuring a lottery tickets purchasing function

Web-widget featuring a lottery tickets purchasing function

About product

The client is engaged in conducting instant lotteries and often implements marketing activities to promote them. Previously, the marketing team had created static information sites (landing pages) which led to the main 100LOTTO site, also known as an online lottery store. These landing pages were burdened by a number of disadvantages:

  • No ticket purchasing function;
  • The ticket purchase conversion rate was low due to the need to transition to another website to do so;
  • It took the developers several weeks to create the website.

In other words, it was time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective. The client was faced with a challenge: to increase the conversion rate of traffic driven from a variety of different channels and the ROMI metric.

To launch a new Fun and Play lottery, the client decided to create an individual dynamic landing page while our team implemented the technical side in the form of a JS widget. Our solution allows 100LOTTO to connect a ready-made ticket purchasing and payment functionality to any website. Consequently, the company’s marketing team is able to create landing pages without the help of developers. It increases the ticket purchase conversion rate and raises returns on marketing investments.


3 persons


4 weeks


Increased conversion and ROMI


What was the task

Ticket purchasing is a technically complex activity due to the complicated backend the client’s development team has to handle. Spending their resources on landing page functionality every time is impractical. We took over the task by combining two parts: the backend and the purchase widget. The widget using JavaScript code is configured to look like a landing page and it interacts with the backend part. So that users arriving at the landing page via ads can buy tickets right away without any unnecessary redirects. The widget is fully functional in the mobile version as well.

The project was completed in a short time period  – 3-5 weeks. We assembled an MVP with a technical base, which we already had: we reused the backend that we had produced for our previous 100LOTTO projects. By having the landing page design created on the client’s side, we managed to reduce production costs and accelerate the pace of our work. We acted swiftly as a startup team, served as a general contractor, and managed a number of executors: landing page subcontractor + 100LOTTO development team + our development team + operational team (devOps, accountable for code execution) + product owner. In order to create the ticket purchasing block we had to unite 5 teams.

The landing page itself resembles a website inside another website: the inner part is cohesive with the rest of the elements so that it works seamlessly, is user-friendly, and achieves our client’s goals.

Main functionality:
  • Ticket selection and payment
  • Choosing numbers on the ticket, tickets quantity, draws, and multipliers
  • Interactive display of random numbers in the ticket
  • Available payment methods: credit cards, e-wallets, and telecom operators
  • Payment without the need for registration
  • Using promo codes
  • Adding e-tickets to Apple Wallet / Google Wallet
  • Full-featured mobile version



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