Development of iOS&Android applications and WEB services that pay off

Apps that win the market, not only the ratings
  • Hardware developers (IoT, tools)
  • Banks and chain stores
  • Manufacturing and industrial ventures
  • travel companies and educational companies
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About us

The most valuable thing we offer is our experience. We have already kept making the same mistakes and we know what brings results and what does not, and we share with you all our experience.

“We have made as you wanted to, what is the issue?” - it is not our approach. We focus on achieving your goals and return on investments.

Sunrise apps team has a product development approach, so we always get into your company's business processes, investigate the market and identify what exactly will bring the best result for you.

Awards & Recognition

Our services

Mobile & Web Development

We create not only mobile apps and web services, but also complex digital ecosystems. We implement the full development cycle: analyze business needs and future product needs, prepare technical specifications, design interfaces, develop product for the required platforms, test and publish, maintain and develop it. You will get a finished working product with minimal effort on your part.

Artificial intelligence, AI

We will develop artificial intelligence-based algorithms for your product. Such algorithms help to create systems that can cope with tasks that once could only be solved by humans. For example, analyzing large amounts of data and searching for patterns in them, recognizing objects and images in the surroundings.

Analytics and ToR

We identify and describe real business needs in a format any developer can understand. We will analyze your product's target audience, competitors and partners, identify strengths and weaknesses of the future solution. You will receive a technical specification in the business scenario form, a list of technologies to implement, a development budget for an app or a website, and an implementation schedule divided into stages.

UX/UI Design

Our team design, test and implement interfaces in applications, websites and services. We conduct UX-research and make high-quality UX/UI design to build the best user experience. In a competitive environment, the one who managed to make a first impression wins. Therefore, we will create a user-friendly interface and attractive design for your product, which will cause only positive emotions in your user.

QA & Testing

We always research the product for the expected quality, balancing time-to-market with product flawlessness. We will select a unique set of testing methods for your project. You will receive detailed reports on the found bugs and problems with detailed text descriptions, videos and screenshots.

Tech Support

You already have a product, but it is losing its market position without support? We will resolve this issue. Tech support includes constant monitoring, analyzing the app's or website's performance and user feedback, identifying functionality with the help of analytics that will improve the products's efficiency and develop its functionality. Your product will always aim to achieve your business goals.

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Three options for working with Sunrise Apps:

You can choose any option for cooperation that is most suitable for your project.

If you do not know which option is best for you, we will advise you and select the most optimal format for you.

Fix price icon FixPrice - a fixed development price for each stage.

tam icon Time and material - payment for the actual time spent by the specialist.

icon Outstaff - we will provide a specialist or team to work under your leadership.

Customers who create new applications

and improve existing ones

Browse through dozens of sites, pondering one simple question: “How are application developers different? ”

Assemble your team
Contractor “working hands”
Sunrise Apps
Price 1/5
Build your own development team Very expensive
Contractor “Hands” From 10 000 $.
SiberianPro From 10 000 $.
Workflow 2/5
Build your development team Completely under your control, but will have to pay full salary when idle
Contractor “work hands” You say they make any adjustments (even if it hurts in the future)
SiberianPro We start with business tasks, goals and offer solutions, discuss every significant detail
Development Dates 3/5
Build your development team The development period is more than 1 year, since all processes will have to be organized from scratch and employees have nowhere to rush
Contractor “working hands” From 2 months
SiberianPro Development period of 2 months (+ penalties for non-compliance with deadlines)
Warranty period 4/5
Build your development team Everything is under your responsibility (what you did, you got it)
Contractor “working hands” Warranty period for a code up to 1 year
SiberianPro 3-year warranty on the code
Final result 5/5
Build your development team In the end, you’ll get an effective solution, if you are a professional in application development
Contractor “work hands” Did what you asked (even if you realized that it wasn’t working)
SiberianPro Get an application that solves the problem and pays off (we know that, how, why it is better to do so)
"If you think competency is expensive, try incompetence. It will cost you much more."

Why did our customers contact us? Our customers' responses

Design and maintain applications for international A-brands.
During the first meeting we felt your maximum interest in achieving our goals
Due to the correct policy: “The main thing in developing an application is its payback and customer’s profit”
Help present the concept of the product before investors and defend the ideas of customers as yours
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Let's talk
about your project

Tell us about your idea and task that you want to solve using the application. If your desires and our capabilities coincide, we will discuss in more detail the task and the cost of its implementation.