User agreement

User agreement

I, the user of the website according to requirements of Article 9 of Federal Act No. 152-FA of 07/08/2006 (in an edition of 12/31/2017) “About personal data”, confirm freely, by my will and in my interest the consent to be processed for granting details, using my personal data including:

  • surname,
  • name,
  • middle name,
  • contact phone number,
  • e-mail address.

I confirm and acknowledge that the processing of personal data consent is given by me in order to provide me with information and other services, to provide services by partners of the site, to inform me about the current information. I agree that it is possible to process my personal data using this site: entry into the electronic database, inclusion in lists for further provision of information services to me.

I also give the website the right to perform the following actions with my personal data:

  • collecting and accumulation;
  • storage of records, but not less than three years, from the date of termination of the services use during the period of storage period established by normative documents;
  • specification (updating, change);
  • use;
  • destruction;
  • depersonalization;
  • transfer at the request of the court, including to third parties, with compliance with measures ensuring protection of personal data from unauthorized access.

I approve the use of my contact details for information distribution, notifications about the services progress, clarification of the request, changes in the operation of the website.

I agree to the processing and provision of my personal data by the website specified in the fields of the online feedback form.

I realize that putting down of a mark ☑ in the field from a phrase «Accept the Terms of User Agreement» when registering on the website means my written consent with the conditions described in it. This agreement comes into force from the beginning of the site use and is valid indefinitely.

This consent can be withdrawn by submitting an application to the website with the indication of the data specified in Article 14 of Federal Act No. 152-FA of 07/08/2006 (in an edition of 12/31/2017) «About Personal Data».

In case of the consent to processing of the personal data withdrawal, the website will stop processing them within a period not exceeding three working days from the date of such withdrawal receipt.

Written consent to processing of the personal data withdrawal can be provided by sending the corresponding order in a simple written form to the e-mail address

This user agreement may be modified and/or supplemented by the site administration without user notification.