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<p>Our Android app development studio builds applications for businesses, startups, leading brands and enterprises. We’ve developed more <b>than 140 Android&iOS app development solutions.</b> We know how to solve client’s problems within the budget and on time. And we want to share all our experiences with you.</p> <p>We provide a <b>full range of mobile development services</b> from design and development to testing and publishing to Google Play Store and post-launch maintenance. Our Android app designers can create a modern, attractive and friendly interface for the most demanding users.</p>
<p>The Android app programmer team uses technologies such as Kotlin, Java, Coroutines, RXJava, Retrofit/GraphQL (Apollo) and cross-platform technologies such as KMM, Flutter, Unity to develop top-class applications for Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.</p> <p>We are the <b>Android app development company that guarantees quality,</b> scalability of your project and efficiency for business. <b>Our clients get fully working Android apps</b> which bring them customer’s loyalty and new sales or сost reduction through automation.</p>

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Yes, of course. We can send you our template of the NDA for approval or you can send us your own version. And after approval by our lawyer we can sign it.

Comprehensive Product Analytics Services

At Sunrise Apps, we strive to deliver analytics consulting that is not only effective, but also meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations. The process of product analytics is an ongoing effort to use data to improve product performance and drive business growth. To achieve this, the following steps should be taken:


Product Discovering

  • Gather information about the product, target audience, and industry.
  • Competitor analysis to identify best solutions in the sphere.
  • Shaping different variants of business models with the help of Lean Canvas.
  • Set financial goals and related metrics
  • Modeling the Unit-economy.
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